Eyepower Ebook.



The release of a small e-book that can make a big difference to your eyes

Eye Power: Power your eyesight. Empower your vision.

10 minute-a-day for 10 days guide to better vision.

Do you wear glasses?

Do you get sore eyes and/or headaches from working at the computer?

Did you know that over half of the western population now wears some kind of corrective lenses?

Did you know that children spend an average of 28 hours per week in front of televisions
and 10-20 hours per week in front of computers? 

Can you imagine the impact this will have in years to come on their eyesight?
Eye Power:  Power your eyes... Empower your Vision
Fourteen years ago,  I corrected my own eyesight. 
I went from almost "coke-bottle" thickness glasses to 20/20 vision in six months.
From there I proceeded to complete a Masters in Education based on my experience. 
I focused on the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight and more importantly,
what can be done about it!
The result is that people have been able to stop their eyes from deteriorating,
and in many cases have improved their eyesight,
naturally and without the need for laser surgery.
Buy today and as an additional gift, receive an Eye Power Support Chart free. 

See the difference for yourself!  Who else do you know would benefit from increased clarity in their lives?

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